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Central Pennsylvania doubly terminated quartz crystal.  Artwork © John Passaneau.
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The Current Effort for Celestine as
Pennsylvania's State Mineral

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Dr. Peter Heaney of Penn State made a presentation to the Friends of Mineralogy - Pennsylvania Chapter Symposium on "Making the Case for Celestine as the Pennsylvania State Mineral."

May 2017:

An illustrated article at summarizes recent activity and multiple possibilities for Pennsylvania State Mineral. Thanks again go to NMS member Mike Dunton for bringing this article to our attention.

October 2016:

Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed Bill 564 on October 18, to adopt celestine as the official state mineral. Its history can be tracked at the Pennsylvania General Assembly's Bill Information page for HB564.

The bill next needs to be introduced and passed in the Senate, and then signed by the governor.

Society member Mike Dunton alerted us to an article in the Pocono Record published September 24. It describes how members of the Che-Hanna Rock & Mineral Club in Sayre, PA, encouraged their state representative, Tina Pickett, to introduce the bill. This followed activity several years ago which was championed by sixth grader Royce Black; as far as we know, that bill was never brought to a vote. The article also mentions support from Lancaster County Fossil and Mineral Club, and mineral collector and radio personality RJ Harris.

January 2012:

    "I am a 6th grade student at Commonwealth Connections Academy. I did a science paper on what would I like to have as a state rock/mineral, and I was excited to find that there was none already listed. So, I am on a journey to get Celestine named as the Pennsylvania State Mineral. I am working with Representative Stephen Bloom to start a resolution, and he has explained the steps involved. I am currently in the 'lobbying' step. I am drumming up state wide support of my intent to have Celestine become the state mineral.      Would you be interested in helping me? Would you pass the message on...?
Thank you,
Royce Black
Deb Black"
        NMS Editor's Note: The Facebook and science paper pages linked in 2012 are no longer available in 2016.
Celestine crystal cluster CELESTINE is once again under active consideration for Pennsylvania State Mineral

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